What we do:
(Think of us as your low cost, off-site, keyboarders)

#1. For your Legal Aid clients (in Ontario and British Columbia and soon Alberta):
You fax your legal aid time dockets and disbursements to LawDocks, every day.

We: record your time & your disbursements,
When a file of yours has:
(a) 3.5 hours in time, or
(b) $100.00 in disbursements, or
(c) at any other time you request, then
LawDocks: generates an account, invoicing Legal Aid online, for you.

All funds are deposited directly into your bank account.

#2.For your non-legal aid clients:
We: record your time and disbursements
and will print them out same day (business) for any request received by 11am
You invoice your clients at your convenience with detailed time and disbursements provided by us.

Our offer to you:

Try the LawDocks Service for ONE MONTH,
The cost, after your one free month, is:

$199.00 per month  (+ appl. taxes)

This price includes all time docketing, disbursement reporting, and
all on line legal aid billing of your legal aid files.

LawDocks  the Billing Service for lawyers  


FAQ #1 . How do I get paid on my legal aid accounts?
Answer: payments from Legal Aid go directly into your bank account.

Errors or Omissions in Time Dockets
FAQ # 2. What if I discover an error in my time dockets or disbursements?
Answer: there is no charge for correcting or updating time dockets, or disbursements at any time; and, if you discover unbilled time, or unbilled disbursements, we update the file
at any time without additional charge.

Start up with LawDocks
FAQ # 3. How do I get up and running with the LawDocks system?
Answer: Depending on your location, and upon the nature of your practice, LawDocks may send someone to input your unbilled time. The cost of this start up assistance is, typically, $99.00 (+ applicable taxes).

FAQ # 4. How are disbursements picked up for inclusion in my accounts?
Answer: (a)We provide you with a form that you copy for use;
as you record time, you track copies, faxes and postage;
you also fax copies of disbursements to us, on a daily basis.
you may use your own form or fax handwritten notes
(for both time and disbursements) if legible.
(b)Actual stamp cost, for all purposes, over 10 stamps per month, will be
charged back to you, in addition to prices quoted here.

FAQ # 5. What sort of reporting do I receive from LawDocks?
Answer: you may check your time on line, searching any client, at any time
* your time is recorded by LawDocks in calender form. This allows you to check
for time conflicts prior to accounts being submitted;
Disbursements are recorded in spread sheet software on computers that are not on line and printouts are available upon request, same working day, if received before 11 am, always no charge.                
*whenever a file is opened or closed a revised  file list is generated for you;
*printouts on any file are available upon request, same working day, if received before 11 am, always no charge.

Termination by me
FAQ # 6. What if I wish to terminate the relationship with LawDocks?
Answer: you may terminate on 1 day’s notice, by fax, to LawDocks;

Termination by LawDocks
FAQ # 7. Can LawDocks terminate the contract?
Answer: LawDocks may terminate on 60 days notice, by fax, to you.

LawDocks  the Billing Service for lawyers  

Penalties For Termination
FAQ #8 . Are there penalties for terminating the service?
Answer: there are no penalties or charges against either party for termination.

FAQ # 9. Should I be  concerned about breaches of confidentiality or security?
Answer:(a) all time dockets are  stored on line, in calendar form, in a secure site;
access is limited to you and to our staff;
(b) all disbursements are maintained in spreadsheet software, on computers with no on line capability and are sent to you by fax, upon request.
(c)a hard copy maintained on our site at all times, copy to you, upon request;
(d)we are an effective backup for your time and disbursements, in case of fire or accident at your site;

Discretionary Increases
FAQ # 10.How does the LawDocks system work regarding discretionary increases?
Answer: LawDocks tracks your hours and will advise you when it is time to make a request for discretionary increase to Legal Aid .The accuracy of this tracking assumes that all paperwork from legal aid is forwarded to LawDocks on a timely basis.

LAO Assessments
FAQ # 11 . What if one of my accounts is chosen by Legal Aid  for an in depth assessment?
Answer: BONUS!
if you sign with LawDocks at the end of your free trial period,
LawDocks will prepare detailed responses to any Legal Aid Assessments; at no extra charge, for the currency of the relationship.

Clients and Accounts
FAQ # 12. How do I keep my clients informed about their legal aid accounts?
Answer: (a)whenever an account is invoiced to legal aid, a copy is faxed to you
and also mailed to your client.
(b)For non legal aid accounts (standard format) prepared by LawDocks, the procedure followed is dictated by your standing instructions to LawDocks. Each system will be tailored to individual reporting requirements and directions. You may use the reports from LawDocks for time and disbursements to create your own account or have LawDocks invoice your clients direct. All trust funds are the responsibility of the participating Lawyer solely, however LawDocks will track your trust balances (based upon information provided by you), upon request and adjust the accounts accordingly.

Summary of LawDocks Service
FAQ # 13. Please summarize how the LawDocks system works for legal aid files.
Answer: you fax your time dockets and disbursements to LawDocks  on a daily basis
LawDocks records all time and disbursements, as per your dockets on a daily basis. When a file accumulates 3.5 hours, or $100.00 in disbursements, or upon your request.
LawDocks  invoices legal aid on line (copy to you and client);
the funds are paid by Legal Aid directly into your bank account.
For none legal aid files, LawDocks will prepare summary of time and disbursements upon request, same working day, if received before 11am,  always no charge. For billing purposes, LawDocks provides a simple, standard format invoice to your clients, or you may use the time and disbursement printouts to create your own account.

LawDocks  the Billing Service for lawyers         

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to order now:
phone us: 1-800-314-0481
e-mail us: LawDocks@bellnet.ca
to order now:
phone us: 1-800-314-0481
e-mail us: LawDocks@bellnet.ca
to order now:
phone us: 1-800-314-0481
e-mail us: LawDocks@bellnet.ca